Meet the Nut Boss

Hey I’m Bill, Chief Executive Nut at Nutsack Nuts, the seriously fun nut company that puts health and happiness in a sack.

People with a passion for freshness and flavor love grabbing my nuts and popping them in their mouth.

If you’re a Nut Lover, or know someone who is, grab a sack today and find out why...

“You never forget your first Nutsack”

BTW... I toss a Mini Nutsack into every order, for FREE! Hand it to a friend or horde it all to yourself. I won’t judge.

Nutsack Merch

Let the world know you’re a Nutsack Nut by grabbing some Nutsack Merch.

Winter Merch Sale

Save up to 20% on Cups, Hats and Shirts!

(while supplies last)

Visit our Retail Partners

We partnered with hundreds of specialty markets, boutique hotels, coffee shops, wine bars, tap rooms, airports, golf courses and more so you can 'Grab a Nutsack' in person, whenever the urge hits.
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