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Dec 31, 2014Bill Sutherland
Dave Sutherland

One year ago today my father passed away from cancer. No words can explain the emotions that rushed through me that day, but I know many of you can relate. The cancer took his life in less than two months, but fortunately I was able to be with him for several days before he passed. I sat next to him and held his hand, remembering all the wonderful things we did together.

This is my first post about my dad since he passed. I actually uninstalled Facebook from my phone on the drive home to Arizona and pretty much avoided all social media for a year. Occasionally I would read a few posts on my laptop, but could not get myself to ‘like’ or comment on anything. I just didn’t see the point. I needed time to think.

The past year has been tough. Every holiday or significant life event reminds me of how much I miss my dad’s smile, his laugh, his curiosity and excitement. Then in November I was let go from a high tech executive job. Knowing that December was going to be tough, I decided to take a chance and do something I'd considered doing for a while. I started this company, Nutsack Foods, selling roasted nuts in a funny bag. It’s a major change, a huge gamble, a little crazy, and a distraction, all mixed into one.

Nutsack Foods is my way of staying busy and happy, but I want it to be more than that. I want it to mean something. I want it to make an impact, so today I’m donating $100 to The Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation in my father's name, and every year Nutsack Foods will donate a portion of it’s revenue to Damon Runyon in memory of David Sutherland. I have no idea how much money this will be, but it’s better than nothing.

No one should have to suffer from cancer. There must be a way to prevent this terrible disease from taking the lives of our loved ones. Will we find a cure? I have no idea, but without research the chances are pretty slim, so I’m doing what I can by donating a part of everything I sell to cancer research.

Now I ask you to do what you can to make an impact. Putting my nuts in your mouth is one way you can help. Yes, I’m having fun with this, and some people may be offended, but behind all the puns and innuendos there is a serious message. It’s a message of laughter and hope. It’s a way to remember that we’re supposed to have fun in life, and not take everything so seriously.

So please, grab a Nutsack (or two) and share them with the people you care about. Let your friends know about Nutsack Nuts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. It may seem a little nutty, but with your help, this silly little Nutsack company can make a difference.

Thank you,
Bill Sutherland

If you would rather donate directly to the same cause…
The Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation

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