For My Dad

Dec 31, 2014Bill Sutherland
For My Dad
Dave Sutherland

A year ago today, on December 31, 2014, I lost my father to cancer. The wave of emotions that hit me that day is difficult to articulate, yet I know it's a pain many can relate to. The cancer claimed his life less than two months after detection. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to spend several precious days with him before his departure. I sat by his side, holding his hand, reminiscing about the beautiful memories we had created together.

This is my inaugural post about my dad since his passing. I found myself removing Facebook from my phone during the drive home from California to Arizona, and took a year-long hiatus from all social media platforms. Occasionally, I would browse through posts on my laptop, but I couldn't muster the strength to interact – to 'like' or comment. I needed the time to reflect.

The past year has been challenging. Each holiday, each milestone, each life event has reminded me of his absence – his smile, his laugh, his curiosity, his excitement. As November drew to a close, I braced myself for December, expecting it to be the most difficult month yet. I hadn't anticipated, however, that I would also lose my high-tech executive job.

In mid-November, I found myself jobless and in the depths of depression. I decided it was time to take a chance and pursue something I had been contemplating for many years. I embarked on a new venture - selling roasted nuts. It was a significant change, a huge risk, and a welcome distraction, all rolled into one.

Nutsack Nuts is my way of keeping myself occupied and maintaining a semblance of happiness, but my ambitions extend beyond that. I want it to be meaningful, to make an impact. To honor my father, today I am donating $100 to The Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation in his name. Every year henceforth, Nutsack Nuts will donate a portion of its revenue to Damon Runyon in memory of my father, David Sutherland. The exact amount remains unknown, but any contribution is better than none.

Cancer should not have the power to wreak such havoc. We must find a way to prevent this devastating disease from claiming our loved ones' lives. Will we find a cure? I can't say for certain, but without research, the odds seem slim. Thus, I am doing my part by allocating a portion of my sales to cancer research.

Now, I implore you to make your own impact. Support us by enjoying our products. Yes, it may sound cheeky, but behind the puns and innuendos lies a serious intention. It's a reminder to embrace the lighter side of life, to find humor and hope amid adversity.

So, please, purchase a Nutsack (or two), savor it, and share it with those you cherish. Spread the word about Nutsack Nuts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. It may seem a little offbeat, but with your help, this humble nut roasting company can make a real difference.

With gratitude,
Bill Sutherland

If you would rather donate directly to the same cause…
The Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation

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  • I feel for you bill,its really painful. I also lost my brother to colon cancer feb. 2013 since then we havent recovered from the shock.

    Fatoba john olugbenga
  • Bill you are an image of your dad in so many ways i cried most of the way home that day and still cant bekieve he was taken so quickly. i have felt guilty that i was not taken long ago with my cancer since he had so much of a loving family it wasnt fair. I find myself starting to pick up ntthe phone and just chat and laugh with him. i never could have asked for a better brother . i loved him so much.

    Tim Sutherland
  • Brought tears to my eyes Bill. I feel for you my friend.


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