The Nutsack Nuts Story

Hey, I’m Bill, owner of Nutsack Nuts, the seriously nutty snack food company in Cave Creek, Arizona. Our story begins in Northern California in the late 90’s when I met a guy with really nice nuts. Well to be clear, he roasted really nice nuts. Anyway, hanging out with him and eating his nuts lead me to appreciate healthy, high quality nut based snacks, and the jokes about grabbing his nuts never got old.

I loved his nuts so much that I kept thinking “I should bag up these nuts and share them with the world!” I actually dreamt about doing it for years but that damn thing they call a ‘job’ kept getting in my way.

Then at the end of 2014 I lost my job, and eleven months before that I lost my dad to cancer, so I was in a funk and open to a change. Luckily, before I lost my job I had purchased a plane ticket to California so I could surprise visit my mom on her birthday. I decided that while I was there I’d visit my friend, grab his nuts and go after my dream of sharing fresh, healthy, tasty nuts with the world.

I figured I could take control of my future by running my own business and doing something meaningful at the same time. Seemed legit. I’d be able to share my nuts with strangers (that’s always fun) and donate a portion of the revenue to help find a cure for cancer, because, fuck cancer.

So two weeks after getting canned from my job I flew to California, visited with my family and bought 75 pounds of nuts from my friend. A few days later I checked the nuts in with Southwest Airlines and flew home. I was ready to go, almost. I just needed a name. It needed to be short, simple, fun and edgy. The word Nutsack kept coming up for obvious reasons so Nutsack Nuts was born, and my life has been nuts ever since.


Almond NutsackA Nutsack® is a conversation-starting paper sack filled with the freshest, tastiest nuts you’ll ever put in your mouth.


Though I started out by selling only three different products, all roasted by my friend in California, I now offer nine different nuts and mixes, all roasted in-house in Arizona using 100% coconut oil and French sea salt.

With a lot of hard work and dedication, Nutsack Nuts has grown from a little known online store selling a few Nutsacks a month to a nationally known brand selling thousands of sacks a month at airports, hotels, specialty markets, wine bars, tap rooms, coffee shops and more, plus directly to my online community of Nutsacks Nuts via the website.

If you’re a little skeptical, you are not alone. Many people tell me they bought their first Nutsack simply because of the name, as a joke, but now they buy them because of the nuts. They have become true “Nutsack Nuts”.

Nutsacks really are ultra-fresh, fun to share and delicious to eat, so “grab a sack” and join our community of Nutsack Nuts.

Remember, “You never forget your first Nutsack”™

Bill Sutherland
Chief Executive Nut
Text me: 833.549.6705


Cancer sucks. Let’s find a cure.

Dave Sutherland

My goal from the start was to donate a portion of my revenue to The Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation in my father’s name. So far we've donated over $8,000 to help find a cure for cancer, because cancer sucks. Learn more...