Spicy Mix - Roasted Nuts

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Ready for a Cayenne, Chipotle and Smoked Paprika Flavor Explosion?

Once you experience the taste of our Spicy Mix, there’s no going back.

This spicy nut mix is loaded with our ultra-fresh pecans, cashews, almonds and pumpkin seeds, freshly roasted in 100% natural coconut oil and coated with a generous amount of our special in-house spice blend.

This is a great snack option to keep handy while you’re at work, at the gym, traveling or on days when you’re sitting on a couch doing nothing and craving something flavorful. Get your hands on Spicy Mix today!

All of our nuts are roasted with 100% pure and healthy Coconut Oil then perfectly salted with our favorite Sea Salt from SEE SALT®.

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Allergy Information: We don't roast or sell peanuts, but we do roast our nuts in a facility that sometimes processes peanuts and other tree nuts.

This is the label for our 6 ounce Nutsack.

Spicy Mix Nutritional Label