13 Reasons Why

Nov 07, 2017Bill Sutherland
13 Reasons Why

Thirteen reasons why you need to grab a Nutsack today!

  1. Almonds (and specifically the fat in almonds) may play a role in increasing healthy bacteria in the gut.
  2. If you love almonds as much as we do, thank bumblebees! Almonds can’t grow on their own. They need bees to help them pollinate.
  3. The shell of the cashew is toxic and can’t be eaten. Cashews are in the same plant family as poison ivy and poison sumac and their itchy oil is primarily contained in their shell.
  4. Pistachio is known as the “smiling nut” in Iran and the “happy nut” in China.
  5. Almonds have a long storage life and can be refrigerated for up to 2 years. The longer shelf life is due to the fact that they are rich in Vitamin E.
  6. Brazil nuts are a truly special nut. They require a specific bee to be pollinated and take as long as 10 to 30 years to mature.
  7. Pistachios are actually seeds of a grape-like fruit.
  8. Cashews are actually fruit, too.
  9. Texas adopted the pecan tree as its state tree in 1919. In fact, Texas Governor James Hogg asked that a pecan tree be planted at his gravesite.
  10. Ancient Greeks believed hazelnuts could treat coughing and baldness.
  11. Brazil nuts out of the nut mix you’re buying! Brazil nuts are high in selenium, a mineral that has been found to be effective in the fight against prostate cancer.
  12. Hazelnuts are also called Filberts.
  13. Pecans are one of the most antioxidant rich nuts out there.

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  • The name of your company nutsaks was the selling point. It cracked me up. Had to buy some. Great job nutboss keep up the great work.


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