Nutsack Foods Turned One, And I Missed It

Dec 17, 2015Bill Sutherland
Nutsack Foods Turned One, And I Missed It

Well in the chaos of fulfilling online orders, stocking almost 30 retail locations, working several farmer's markets, and trying to do some web development projects, I completely missed our one year anniversary! Nuts, I know.

Actually, to be completely honest, I didn't really forget about it, I just didn't have the time, energy, or money to do anything special. I'm tired, stressed, and broke.

I had high hopes and huge goals for this company when I started it, but despite all the great things that have happened this year, the reality is... I haven't sold enough nuts to call it a success.

I've learned a lot though, and hopefully next year I'll be able to do some of the things I wanted to do this year. For example, I'd like to get my nuts in a thousand stores nationally, and expand my product line from nine to about twenty. I want to print better labels, and hope to have shirts & hats available in January, and maybe some stickers. People love stickers. And I want to get more people making Nutsack videos. Nutsack videos are fun, and I like having fun.

So if this year was about learning, next year will be about having fun. Maybe the third year will be about making money.

Thanks for being a part of year one, and stick around for year two. My nuts will be bigger, fresher, and better than ever. And next year maybe I'll do something special for my anniversary. :)

Cheers, Bill

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