Did you see the Nutsacks on Total Divas?

Feb 08, 2016Bill Sutherland
Did you see the Nutsacks on Total Divas?

In case you missed it, the Nutsacks made an appearance on E! Network's Total Divas reality show a couple weeks ago. Brie Bella and Bryan Danielson partnered up with two local business owners (Chestnut Fine Foods & Mama's Cold Brew) to start a company called Experience Local, and I'm proud to say they all loved my nuts.

Soon you'll be able to grab a local experience box containing locally sourced products, including Nutsacks. Keep watching Total Divas for more clips and be sure to follow Nutsack Foods on Instagram.

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  • Yes indeed your Nuts are fresh and tasty. I miss Cave Creek. Are you there for Bike Week?


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