Nutsack Foods on AZTV7's Arizona Daily Mix

Mar 28, 2017Bill Sutherland
Here is the Arizona Daily Mix segment about Nutsack Nuts that aired on March 27th 2017. Learn about how we got started and what's next for this nutty company.

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  • Great interview! Awesome that your dream has grown into reality from all your hard work. If everyone had your energy and courage what a happy and positive place the world would be! Of course it helps that your nuts are as good as you say they are! My family has been enjoying them since you started selling Nutsacks. Keep it up Bill, the best is yet to come!

  • Wow, what a handsome young man. Really do like the NUT SACK idea, the nuts are fresh and tasty. Good luck to you Bill Sutherland. Your shop looks really nice, I’m sure people love to shop there, I would!


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