Call Me Crazy Nuts

Dec 03, 2014Bill Sutherland

Go on, say it... "Dude, Nutsacks? Are you crazy?"

Well maybe, but people love my nuts. In fact, they are so popular among my family and friends that I decided to make my nuts available to everyone.

My nuts are ultra-fresh direct from the roaster and contain only the best quality whole nuts.

Ways to enjoy my nuts

  • Snack on them at home or at the office.
  • Pass your Nutsack around to your co-workers. (This always has a happy ending)
  • Bring a Nutsack with you on a walk or hike for quick energy.
  • Give a Nutsack as a gift (Who doesn't want to receive a Nutsack from a friend right?)
  • Keep them to yourself (If that's what gets you off)

I know you will enjoy my nuts as much as my family & friends do, and your family and friends will love your nuts too, so grab a Nutsack, pass it around and have some fun.

Remember: Never leave home without your Nutsack

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  • Hey Bill! I’m so excited for your new business to take off. I’m Definitely in to supporting friends and family and their companies. I will be placing an order soon! Happy Holidays and best of luck to you!

    J-me Aguiar

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