A Message from the Chief Nut

Dec 10, 2014Bill Sutherland

Hi, I'm Bill, owner of Nutsack Foods.

Some friends have told me that when they saw my posts on Facebook or Instagram they thought I was just being funny, and that Nutsack Foods was a joke. I get it. I'm known for being 'silly' and making jokes at times where it is probably not appropriate, but Nutsack Foods is not a joke.

Yes, it's a crazy name but I assure you, my company is real and the nuts are amazing. I buy my nuts direct from an amazing roaster in Northern California who I've known for many years and they are the freshest nuts you'll ever put in your mouth.

You'll love everything about my Nutsacks, from the perfectly roasted & salted nuts to the hand stamped paper sacks and the awesome customer service. Your family, friends, and co-workers will love them too. You'll probably enjoy my nuts so much that you'll never want to be without a Nutsack, and that's OK with me.

Seriously, if you are not 100% satisfied after trying my nuts, I'll do whatever it takes to make it right, so take this opportunity by the nuts and order today.

Bill Sutherland
Chief Executive Nut

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